“I am profoundly impressed by one aspect of [Wright’s] manner of communicating, and that is the presence of reverence. It is not really me who [he is] addressing at all, interestingly, but with the person who speaks these poems is the person I would like to become.” Franz Wright

“…the language is lush and evocative, the scene haunted.” Front Porch Republic

“…music, grace, and ambition.” A.M. Juster


– Four Poems in The Brooklyn Quarterly

– “Mary of Bethany” in ARTOS (2017)

– “Naomi” in Dust (UK)

– “Relief” in Ekstasis

– “Assurance” at

– “The Parsonage” in The Slumbering Host

– “A Scrimmage” in The Wild

– Two Poems in Anthropocene

– “An Imprecation” in Dust (UK)

– “In the Year of Our Lord” in Dappled Things (forthcoming)

-“The Monk” in The North American Anglican (forthcoming)

– “Ode to Paniskos” in The North American Anglican (forthcoming)